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              A New Dimension: 3-D - Jim Trautman
              Aces High - Patrick Flynn
              Aero Games - Patrick Flynn
              Antique Letterboxes - Tony Shaman
              Buying at Auctions - Caroline Kaiser
              Calling Card Cases - Marni Andrews
              Canadian Depression Glass - Walter Lemiski, M.A.
              Carlton Ware - Helen Martin
              Chalet Glass - Conrad Biernacki
              Cigarette Cards - Jim Trautman
              Cleaning Up Your Act - Fred Taylor
              Clothing Storage - Marni Andrews
              Collecting Antique Sheet Music - Walter T. Lemiski, M.A. B.Ed. B.Mus.
              Collecting Kitchen Glass - Walter Lemiski, M.A.
              Cranberry Glass - Tony Shaman
              Dawn of The Desk - Marni Andrews
              Fire-King - Really Hot Stuff! - Walter Lemiski, M.A.
              Furniture Glass - Fred Taylor
              Grandfather Clocks - Marni Andrews
              Hughes Corn Flower - Walter Lemiski, M.A.
              I Scream for Ice Cream - Jim Trautman
              I'd Rather Be Sailing - Patrick Flynn
              Jaws Memorabilia - James Burrell
              Kewpie Dolls - Tony Shaman
              Memorable Jag - Patrick Flynn
              Military Collectibles - Jim Trautman
              Model Tractors - Tony Shaman
              Paperweights - Marnie Andrews
              Pedal Cars - Jim Trautman
              Period Silk Lampshades - Dean Goldstone
              Remembering Radio of Yesteryear - Ian Anthony, Rogers Historian
              Scottish Single Malts - Reid Pickering
              Signs of the Times - John G. Sayers
              Stamp Boxes - Tony Shaman
              Tables Past and Present - Marni Andrews
              That Old Familiar Ring - Don Woodbury
              The Game of Chess - Floyd Sarisohn
              The Heisey Glass Company - Sean George and Wendy Saigeon
              The Heyday of Vintage Drinking Glasses - Walter T. Lemiski, M.A.
              The Martial Art - Patrick Flynn
              Waterworks - Jim Trautman
              Weighing the Way - Tony Shaman
              Why Collect Radios - Alfred Zeeb