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              May 7 - May 10 2020   Atlanta, GA
              The Scott Antique Market in Atlanta at The Atlanta Exposition Center. Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-6pm, Sun.10am-4pm You'll discover everything from massive amounts of Americana to elegant continental antiques. For nearly 20 years, Don Scott, founder of the Scott Antique Markets, made a living buying and selling antiques. He traveled the country along with several family members, finding antiques and selling them at various antique shows. As an exhibitor, Don wanted to start his own show with an emphasis on customer service. The Atlanta, Georgia show was successful from the beginning, and quickly expanded to Columbus, Ohio and now Washington Court House, Ohio! Thirty years later, with four generations of Scotts working the show, the Scott Antique Market is stronger than ever. It has grown into the Worlds Largest Monthly Indoor Antique Show, and is truly Americas Favorite Treasure Hunt!? We are the world's largest indoor antique show. Scott Antique Markets 740-569-4112